The ongoing conflict, flooding, resultant population displacement, disrupted trade, poor infrastructures and insecurity has put South Sudan into a serious food insecurity condition.

Many families in South Sudan continue to depend on food assistance to meet their basic needs of food. The situation has resulted in starvation and children face the danger of malnutrition across the country. ACEA’s supports sustainable and profitable means of livelihoods, training of income generating activities and financial management that support conflict affected and rural communities with a focus on women headed households to attain vocational skills and provision of basic needs.

Our livelihoods and food security work focuses on the following areas:

  • Emergency food assistance
  • Nutritious food production systems
  • Credit and finance facilitation
  • School meals and gardening
  • Household and livelihood vulnerability analysis
  • Employment and income generation and diversification
  • Initial business and value chain development