Women, girls and children are at a heightened risk for sexual and gender-based violence and have specific health needs that often go unmet. In displacement camps and host community, women and girls find themselves without the protection they would normally receive from their families’ members and communities. Children, in particular are separated from the family members and caretakers, putting them at high risk for sexual abuse, exploitation and recruitment into the armed groups.

The greatest strides have been in reproductive health to services, which include neonatal and maternity care, as well as a range of other programs ranging from the treatment for sexual violence and HIV/AIDS. All these were caused by the prolonged conflict, cultural norms and wrong religious perception in South Sudan.

African Christian Ecumenical Alliance is one of the humanitarian organizations focused on health care, legal response, livelihoods, psychosocial support, community awareness raising, case management and comprehensive mental health services in South Sudan.

ACEA empowers the local communities and partners to strengthen the protection of children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and other forms of violence.

Our services are integrated with general protection to reduce stigma and increase the likelihood of referrals. ACEA focuses on the following issues in protection including:

Gender Based Issues

  1. Domestic Violence including physical and verbal abuse
  2. Early /forced Marriage
  3. Sexual Violence

The primary Child issues includes

  • Children in conflict and child soldiers
  • Child labour
  • Bullying and discrimination against children
  • Separation of Child from parents and other relatives
  • Psychosocial distress